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Content Guidelines


Thank you for visiting this platform. This page is available to rent on a monthly or annual subscription basis to help with promoting your business in the location you found the page.  If you would be interested in renting this strong SEO page to support your business, please fill out the below form.

We will make this page look similar to your business and branding, with your information and logos, promoting solely your business offerings and all links will be directing clients to your website. 

Set up charge for a page is £350.00 + VAT

Monthly rental of a town page is £59/month for the first page and £29/month per page there after.

Monthly rental of a County page is £79/month for the first page and £59/month per county page there after and £29/month for town page there after.

All prices are subject to VAT. 

If payments default, the page will be put back up for rent as of immediate effect and your page will be perminantly removed and deleted. To re-instate the page, you will need to pay the set up charge mentioned earlier. is a platform that celebrates independent writing and diverse thought. We uphold a wide range of discussions while maintaining certain guidelines to ensure a safe and respectful environment. These guidelines outline what is and is not acceptable on We have the exclusive right to interpret and enforce these guidelines, drawing on external experts, research, and industry best practices. If you come across any content that may violate these guidelines or have questions, please message us from the contact form on the home page.

If we determine that any content breaches these guidelines, we may remove it, restrict its visibility, or impose other limitations. Please note that these Content Guidelines are subject to change at our discretion without prior notice.


Respect intellectual property rights and refrain from infringing upon others’ privacy or any other legal rights. Do not publish content that violates laws or regulations. You are solely responsible for the content you publish on and liable for any harm caused by your published content.

In General

We aim to create a safe space for discussion and expression on While we encourage robust discourse and critique of controversial topics, we maintain a reasonable balance. However, we strictly prohibit credible threats of physical harm.

Hate cannot be used to publish content or support initiatives that incite violence against individuals based on protected characteristics. Offensive behavior includes credible threats of physical harm related to race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, or medical condition.

Private Information

You may not publish or share other people’s private information (such as personal phone numbers or home addresses) without their explicit authorization and consent. Threatening to expose private information or incentivizing others to do so is also prohibited. However, sharing publicly accessible information does not violate this policy.


Do not publish any material written or created by someone else and claim it as your own.


Impersonating another person, brand, or organization, including itself, is strictly prohibited. Please refrain from using’s name, logo, or trademarks in any way that misrepresents the company or misleads others.

Restrictions on Monetization’s payment processing is handled through designated partners, which may have restrictions on specific types of businesses. Please refer to the payment partner’s terms and conditions for details on restricted categories and practices.

Harmful and Illegal Activities

Content promoting harmful or illegal activities, including advocating, threatening, or depicting harm to oneself, others, or animals, is strictly prohibited.

Spam and Phishing

We strongly oppose spam and phishing activities. When importing a mailing list from another platform, ensure that the list consists of individuals who explicitly opted in to receive emails from your specific publication. Importing email addresses purchased, scraped, or harvested from third-party websites is not allowed. Do not add individuals to your mailing list without their consent, and refrain from importing contact lists or social graphs. Similarly, creating publications for spamming or phishing purposes is prohibited. Do not engage in spamming behavior when interacting with others on, such as in comments, discussion threads, or email replies. is not an email marketing platform. Publications solely set up to advertise external products or services, distribute offers and promotions, or engage in similar activities are not permitted.

Nudity, Pornography, Erotica

Pornography or sexually exploitative content is not allowed on, including explicit depictions of sexual acts solely for gratification purposes. However, depictions of nudity for artistic, journalistic, or related purposes, as well as erotic literature, are permitted. We maintain a strict policy against nudity in profile images. Explicit content may be hidden or removed from’s discovery features.

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